高中生英语自我介绍精彩范文 120字

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  Hello,everyone here.

  Now,please let me introduce myself to you.

  I am the only girl in my family.

  For my own hobbies, I love traveling,listening to music and reading.From these hobbis, you can see,I would like to live a free life.

  Of course, everyone has some strong points.without myself exception,for instance,both of playing the piano and drawing are my strong points.

  At present,I am satified with my life. The activities in school are great.My teachers and classmates are friendly to me.

  For my parents,both of them are managers.They are always busy working.

  As for my ideas of going abroad to study, I think it is useful and wonderful if we have the chance to do so.

  I also would like to go abroad to study to improve myself.