英语六级翻译荷花梅花牡丹范文 2019六级英语翻译

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  Plum blossom, which tops the ten most famous flowers of China, originated in south China and has a planting history of more than 3, 000 years. In winter, colourful plum flowers blossom boldly against the cold. In traditional Chinese culture plum blossom symbolizes toughness, purity and grace, motivating people to face hardships and move forward bravely In history, many poets and painters gained inspiration from the flower and created countless masterpieces. Ordinary citizens are also fond of the flower, which is often used to decorate the house during the spring festival. nanjing city has designated plumb blossom as the city flower and holds the flower festival every year,which attracts hundreds of thousands of people to appreciate the flower in snow despite the cold.



  Lotus is one of best-known flowers in China which people love deeply. The lakes many parts of China are suitable for lotus to grow. Lotus, which features bright col in the morning and closes in the evening with a long flowering period of two to attracting tourists across the country to appreciate it Lotus is multi-functional as i green waters and beautify courtyards but also purify water, reduce pollution environment. Lotus, as it does not fear the strong sunshine and keeps clean in thsymbolizes purity and elegance and represents people's noble morals. Therefore, t become important themes for poets and painters throughout the Chinese history,where it blooms turns out to be the resort of many photographers.



  Peony, which features bright colour and graceful shape, symbolizes peace and prosperity and is thus well recognized as"king of flowers". Peonies are cultivated and grown in m China. For thousands of years, a great number of poems and paintings have been produced to praise the flower. In the tang dynasty, peonies were planted so widely in the royal gardens as the national flower"that they enjoyed great popularity across the country. In the 10th century,the ancient city of Luoyang became the centre of peony planting, and has remained as such since then.

  Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of domestic tourists pour in luoyang for the anunal peony festival, when they can both appreciate the unique beauty of the flowers and explore the history of the city which is known as the capital of six dynasties.