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Cigarette smoke contains about 4,000 chemicals, about 50 0f which are known cancer-causing agents, Some people hold that smoking should be banned in all public places for the sake of health. Do you agree?

写作范文:Smoking Should Be Banned in All Public Places

Shocked by the fact that' nearly half of the country's 1.3 billion population are suffering from passive smoking, a Chinese lawmaker has called for national legislation to ban smoking in public places. Given the harmful effects of smoking, I hold that smoking should be banned in all public places.

Firstly, smoking is a greater cause of death and disability than any single disease, says the World Health Organization. Tobacco smoking is a known or probable cause of approximately 25 diseases. Besides, second-hand smoke puts people's health at risk too. According to a survey, nearly 600 million Chinese suffer from passive smoking, which occurs in 32.5 per cent of public spaces, People visiting smoky public places two or three times a week and those working in the hospitality industry are at high risk of smoking-related diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and amputated limbs arising from vein clogging, Therefore, except for increasing their own risk of smoking-related diseases, smokers also pose a danger to non-smokers' health due to second-hand smoke. It is a non-smoker's right not to have to breathe in smoke in public places. There is nothing worse than someone smoking at the table next to you while you're trying to enjoy your meal. The government should get tough on smoking so as to protect nonsmokers' rights to a healthy life.

In summary, it is imperative to create a non-smoking social environment and enhance the self-protection awareness of non-smokers. Smoking in public areas should be banned. (246 words)



Newspapers and TV like to report on the private lives of entertainers and other famous people. Some people say that public figures should have the right to privacy in their private lives but others disagree. Are famous people entitled to privacy?

写作范文:Famous People Should Be Entitled to Privacy

The public's insatiable need for celebrity gossip and the gossip magazines addiction to providing those sleazy stories and images of celebrities makes the issue of privacy for famous people a real grey area. As far as I am concerned, famous people should be entitled to privacy.

Firstly, everyone has the right to privacy. The public have a vested interest in famous people who find their profiling soaring due to a new film release or music release. Readers will want to find out more about the celebrity and the press will duly provide more images of the person while they are so prominently in the spotlight. However, the idea of reporters rummaging around in celebrities' dustbins or bugging phone calls is taking the issue of public interest too far. Famous people's rights to privacy are unlawfully violated. Privacy must be approached from a people-centred perspective, and not through the marketplace. Furthermore, too much attention on the personal lives of famous people not only hurts celebrities themselves, but also their parents or friends.The tabloids dig into anything sensational regardless of the rights of privacy of the people affected. Too much exposure of their personal lives makes more pressure for both famous people themselves and their families.

In conclusion, famous people should be entitled to their privacy. They and their families must continue to be wholeheartedly protected by privacy laws. (228 words)



When we entered primary school, we started to work hard in the hope of passing the examinations. There is no doubt that examinations have become part of students' lives. As it is so important for us, we have to take a correct attitude towards examinations. So, are examinations harmful or useful?

写作范文:Exams Are Useful

There has been a heated debate over the pros and cons of exams. On balance, I hold the contention that exams are useful rather than harmful.

Granted, the ultimate purpose of any education is to disseminate knowledge rather than pass exams. An undue emphasis on the importance of exams may serve to undermine this purpose. If students only cram for tests 0ne or two weeks before the exams without really learning anything, such an education undoubtedly fails to fulfill its function. On the other hand, it is undeniable that exams are a useful device to gauge students' academic performance, It may not reflect exactly how well a pupil has grasped a subject; however, it provides some information which also guides further study. Additionally, since exams have been employed to distinguish excellence from the mediocrity, it motivates students to reach for their potentials as well. After all, we live in a competitive world; and it is obligatory for schools to impart a sense of competition to pupils.